Interactive educational programs

Offer amusing knowledge, with theme costumes, music, crafts and theatrical games

The science valley

Let's become little scientists, experience natural phenomena and make your first experiments
Play with Dr Gafa's foams
Dress like a real scientist
Experiment with simple elements
Have fun with scientific experiments
Take part in the Dr Gafa's experiments

Puppet interactive programs

Interactive puppet shows for any occasion
Be a part of the story
Ask the the wolf to say sorry
Cook fairy tales with Titina the kitchenetta
Help Titina the kitchenette to cooc the fairy tales
make you oun puppet actor
Save snow white
Catch the fox before it steal chicken eggs
Help fairy to save the Christmas stars
With hand made puppets
Our puppet programs
- Fairy-tail mix
- Little red riding hood
- The chicken and the fox
and other classical fairy-tails

Little archaiologists

Create a statue with your findings
Discover the age of your findings
Act like an Olympic God
Discover ancient stories with theatrical play
Παίξε με τους μύθους του Αισώπου Play Aisopos stories
Dress like a small archaiologist
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