Exclusive theme parties

With impressive costumes for everyone, imaginative games, elegant craft making and theatrical moments full of music and joy

The experiments valley

Be a scientist and play with experiments!
Play with Dr Gafa's foams
Dress like a real scientist
Experiment with simple elements
Have fun with scientific experiments
Take part in the Dr Gafa's experiments

Starwars Party

Be a part of the Jedi empire!
Workout with real laserswords
Hit Darth Vaider
Escape from the death star
Get a photograph with the starwars heroes

Muppet Party

We play fairy tales with puppets
Be a part of the story
Ask the the wolf to say sorry
Cook fairy tales with Titina the kitchenetta
Help Titina the kitchenette to cooc the fairy tales
make you oun puppet actor
Save snow white
Catch the fox before it steal chicken eggs
Help fairy to save the Christmas stars
With hand made puppets

Super Hero Party

Workout along with the super heroes, lifted weights and rocks, knocked down walls, jump over the houses and take the degree of super hero!
Lift the rocks
Workout with real super heroes
Jump over the houses and save the city
Lift heavy weights
Set a target
Brake the super piniata

Zoo Party

Be a zoo and play with the most amazing zoo games!
Make your own zoo plate
Play with the zoo
Dress like a zoo
Show how the strong is the zoo inside you
Say cheese with the zoo photobooth
Dance with the zoo masqots

Pirates island

Become a member of Capten Cook crue and travel with the pirates
Dig to find the treasure
Blow the bombs before they explode
Try not to fall down the board
Be a real pirate
Find the treasure on the map
Break the pirate piniata

Baby Party

Baby park and games for our small ones
Baby corners
Play with your mommy
Arts and crafts
Little chef
Lets make a puzzle
Baby games
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